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NIC.VI does not participate in disputes between parties other than the registration of a domain name with NIC.VI. You shall not name NIC.VI as a party to any legal action or otherwise include NIC.VI in any such proceedings. If NIC.VI shall be named as a party in any such proceedings, we reserve the right to raise any and all legal defenses deemed appropriate and take such other action as deemed necessary to defend NIC.VI.

NIC.VI shall only suspend or delete a domain name in response to a United States court order or judgement that explicitly orders NIC.VI to take specific action. However, as NIC.VI is not a party to the dispute you raise, we expect you to attempt to resolve the matter with the registrant and, alternatively, for you to first seek a court order directed at the registrant.

It is important to note that removing a DNS entry does not remove a website from the internet. The DNS system is merely a translation of numbers into an easier to understand format. Websites will continue to be available by their IP number.

A service such as that provided by WIPO can be helpful in resolving any domain dispute you may have.

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